Money, Money, Money

2 05 2012

Evangelical Christians spend more money on dog food each year than on missions. This is an indictment on our priorities. While people continue to die and go to hell without ever having heard the name of Jesus, our dogs are fat and happy.

Money always seems to be a hot topic when it comes to missions. It seems that every trip we take, I end up asking for more and more money. Most organizations have perspective missionaries raise their own funds before they go. At church we are bombarded about giving money to this great opportunity and that wonderful ministry. It seems like there is just not enough to go around, but that is not true at all. If we, in the American church, look at the way in which we spend our money, we would see that the vast majority of that money is spent on ourselves both corporately and personally.

It is time that we as World Christians begin to spend our money on things of eternal significance. We need to understand that every penny counts. We need to learn to question every expenditure. I am the worst at this. Wrongly, I usually spend first and then think. I have to do a better job of living simply. I certainly don’t think that God calls us all to a life of poverty, but neither does he call us to a life of extravagance. There is a balance that we need to strike between living on rice and beans and thread-bare clothing and buying luxury vehicles that we don’t need. We must remember that God has blessed us to be a blessing to the nations. How are you doing that with your personal finances?

My family and I have two dogs and two sugar gliders (look them up – they are cool), and that stat that I mentioned in the opening paragraph made me stop and think. Do I spend more money on feeding animals than I do on people’s eternities? Just something to think about…

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