Embajadores – Venezuelan-Style

16 10 2012


This Saturday, October 20th, we have a team from Venezuela coming to Fort Smith. They are from a very mission-minded, Southern Baptist Church there. Their purpose in coming is to help us, as a church, reach out to the Hispanic community in our city. I am extremely excited about this on many levels. First, I just think it is incredible to be apart of God’s global plan and purpose. For many years the United States was the country that sent out most of the world’s missionaries. That is no longer the case. We now have missionaries coming to us from other countries. Second, our city has a very large Hispanic population and very few churches are doing anything to reach out to them. God has made it clear that if we will not go to the nations, He will bring them to us. Now that they are here, it is our responsibility as believers to share the gospel with them.

Embajadores is the spanish word for ambassadors. We are called to be ambassadors for God. This team from Venezuela is coming as embajadores to share the love of Christ with those of a different race and culture than me, and they will be more effective than I will be because they speak the same language and look the same as the ones they are trying to reach. My prayer is that this will kick start an incredible mission to the Latino community here in Fort Smith. Please be praying with me, and be sure to give the team a warm welcome when you see them in church. A number of them do speak English!



One response

18 10 2012

Thanks for sharing – this is an amazing work of God to raise up and send a team to Ft. Smith. May he bless them as they start their work!

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