31 05 2012

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Central Asia, and I’m now preparing to leave out for Colombia in the next few days. It will be my first time to visit there, and I’m extremely excited about it. The purpose for our visit is twofold. Firstly, we will be hosting a prayer retreat for some missionary families. I consider this a huge blessing to be able to meet and encourage our families serving around the world. They have a very difficult job, and my prayer is that we can ease the burden for a little while by giving them some rest and spiritual nourishment. The second purpose of this trip is to see if this might be a place that our church can partner. We would eventually be working with them to reach the Indigenous Indian Tribes of the Amazon River Basin.

Please be in prayer for us and the missionary families. The part of Colombia that we are going to is a very spiritually dark place, but the evil one has had a hold on it for far too long. These families our the frontline soldiers, and it is our responsibility back home to support them in anyway that we can.

One of the missionaries and myself will be going on a long trip up the river to visit with four small tribes that are currently experiencing a severe famine. Our intention is to bring them some food and to continue to build relationships in each of the villages. They have just recently experienced the worst flooding in over 70 years in the area and food is scarce. Our missionary asked us to be praying for his family, because every time he leaves to go to this area something happens with his family. Pray protection for his family as we travel into enemy territory.

I will certainly get back to this blog when I get back from this trip in another couple of weeks. Thanks for keeping up and praying for me.



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