Central Asia

16 05 2012

My mind is leaning toward Central Asia right now. Myself and a team are leaving for a country in Central Asia on Saturday. I have to tell you that it is a huge hassle! Since I am going to be missing 2 Sundays, I have to do 2 week’s worth of work in 1 week. At the same time, my family and I are moving into a new house that needs some work. I also have three boys that play on three separate baseball teams. By the time I get on the plane, I will be ready to zone out for a while. And that’s just as well, because the travel is long! Where we are going it takes a plane ride of 3 hours, then a plane ride of 10 hours, then a plane ride of 6 hours, then a wait in the customs line of 3 hours, then a 6 hour car ride over the worst roads known to mankind. Once we finally arrive, we are greeted with squatty-potties, food that we’re not used to, diarrhea, spotty electricity, no English, diarrhea, and stomach problems.

Is it worth it? Yes! Yes! Yes! The missionary families that live there need our love, encouragement, and support. They need to talk to other people in English and sing worship songs in English. Their kids need Uncle Scott to beat them in Settlers of Catan. They NEED their peanut butter. But more than all of this, the people of Central Asia need Jesus. I have never experienced more hard, compact soil than the hearts of these Central Asians, and it breaks my heart. The reason that we spend the time, money, and resources to go, and the reason that the missionary families sacrifice to live there is simply because the Central Asians need Jesus. It is worth any inconvenience on our part to get the Gospel to them.

There are entire people groups in and around the valley that we will be in that have never heard the gospel. I was reading a newsletter from one of the missionary families last year who was living in a remote village for the summer (a village that I have been to) who ran across people that had never seen a computer before and did not know what they were. As believers of God’s Word, we cannot shut our eyes to these lost people groups. They are difficult to get to, but for the first time in the history of the world, they are within our reach. Central Asians need Jesus. Will you pray with me for the people of Central Asia? Will you go on one of our mission trips to Central Asia? It’s hard, but, I promise, you can make it.

I have a guy in our church that would like to take a group to Central Asia in July, but he cannot find enough people to go with him. All he needs is three people. Will you be one to go share the love of Christ with an unreached people group? Email me if you are interested.



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